Specialist Accountants for Independent Fashion Retailers

Zen Finance Solutions is an award-winning digital accountancy practice that offers personalised cloud accounting services.

Are you an Independent Fashion Retailer that is struggling with a cash shortfall or cash crunch, where as soon as money comes in, it goes straight back out to invest in inventory, wages, and expenses, so cash flow is always an issue?

Are you struggling to get visibility of how much profit the business is making month on month and understand its performance?

Or has managing the Accounting yourself become burdensome, taking you away from the day to day running of your business and preventing you from taking on more work and growing?


I’m Richard Moules, CEO & Founder of Zen Finance Solutions and we specialise in helping Independent Fashion Retail businesses to improve cash flow within 90 days, get monthly visibility of profits / performance and automate their accounting processes so they can spend more time focusing on their business.

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Richard Moules

CEO & Founder

How we can help

We can provide advice, planning and a full range of specialist services to the Independent Fashion Retailer sector. In particular, we can provide help and advice in areas such as:


* Cash flow and scenario planning

* Debtor management

* Payroll services

* Management reporting

* Cost analyses

* Profit extraction

* Budgeting and forecasting


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