Service as a Solution (ServaaS)

Service as a Solution (ServaaS), is a unifying approach to outsourcing that is key to driving efficiencies within your business. It enables you as the business owner to focus more on the reasons why you started your own business in the first place and spend less time in areas where you feel unsure or less skilled. This can be from the simplest of tasks to the most complex, whether it be in sales, marketing, HR, operations, IT, legal, finance, or other areas. After all, why spend your valuable time on something that can be done by someone else faster, better and at a lower rate than you would bill for your own time? External providers of these tasks are often sought out due to a prescribed set of skills required to perform a specific function.

Outsourcing came to the fore in the 1980’s when it was the key differentiator in enabling successful businesses to focus on their core strengths. Cloud computing has assisted the rise of Service as a solution, which has in turn, accelerated the transformation of businesses since the outbreak of the pandemic this year.

Acronyms that have gained prevalence in the cloud computing space are:

  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service) – providing an instant online computing infrastructure
  • PaaS (platform as a service) – offering a platform enabling customers to develop, run and manage applications without the need to build and maintain the underlying infrastructure
  • SaaS (software as a service) – where your firm’s software licensing needs and delivery can be provided on a subscription basis and centrally hosted
  • SolaaS (solution as a service) – delivering all the above aspects of cloud computing wrapped up as one subscription service

These services don’t require engineers to install software on individual machines, saving time, nor do they require large initial capital outlays on equipment, saving money. By utilising the agility, power, scope, and ability to scale in the cloud securely, your business can gain a significant competitive edge.

Service as a Solution sits across all these options for firms willing to use cloud technology and offers service functions based on these capabilities, all wrapped up and priced in a fixed monthly fee, normally payable by direct debit, assisting in cash flow planning, with transparent pricing so there are no nasty surprises or hidden costs. Usually, an application stack (or “app stack”), is built by the service provider for workflow enhancements that help manage tasks.

By providing one point of contact for your specific service, this increases confidence in the high level of support your business receives and fast tracks the recognition of added value. ServaaS providers understand the granularity of the business processes within the designated specialism. Services can be tailor-made for each company dependent on their size and where they are at in their development journey. Personalised solutions mean that your company only pays for the services you pick and choose, at the level you need, safe in the knowledge that additional services can be added or removed at any time as your business grows.

If you are looking into services as a solution for your accounting function, look no further than Zen Finance Solutions. By personalising the right app stack for your firm following an initial consultation and subsequent business health checks, we create a process of automation and waste elimination, which sets you on the right course for a more efficient and profitable structure. Having a better understanding of workflows leads to process improvements, and ultimately, increased efficiencies which drive costs down.

We pride ourselves on superior client service, a key value at the heart of everything we do. All clients have unlimited access to their own dedicated account manager to support and guide you at every stage of your journey. Your personalised cloud accounting package combines all the requirements for complying with government regulations on maintaining a limited company, with cloud technology to provide all the tools required to supercharge the efficiency of your business.

Headaches of the essential but mundane and repetitive tasks such as, payroll reporting and filing with HMRC, monthly bookkeeping, VAT returns, credit control, payments to suppliers and staff etc., can all be eliminated from your workload, allowing you time to focus on more profitable activities. Also, with your provider running services more frequently, data are available for business decision making and scenario planning as and when required.

Having accurate and timely data is critical to making effective business decisions that can benefit your company. However, the regular reporting of historical information, analyses, and interpretation, can only take you so far. The next step of making recommendations with clear action points for the future is where the experience of providing management information (MI) comes to the fore, and tangible value is added to your business. Zen Finance Solutions are Chartered Global Management Accountants who work with you to provide an holistic view of your business to help you reach your personal and business goals faster.

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